Instructions for writing a literature review for a dissertation

Writing academic papers is bound by certain rules and it is only those who follow them to the letter who end up with award winning papers at the end of a school term. This begs the question, what procedure have you been employing when writing every chapter of your dissertation? More specifically, what has been your approach to writing a literature review for a dissertation? Does it always merit in the sense that once you are done with your paper, the best grades always come your way? Do you think there is a need to change your approach to crafting a term paper so that you are better placed among those regarded as top performers in your class? Every day, students make mistakes when it comes to writing term papers and it is only those who learn from such who become top level writers. For instance, if you always done your literature review in unscholarly ways, tuning to something better should stem from that very mistake which when combine with top level instructions for crafting a good paper, everything changes for the better.

Literature review is integrally an important section of an academic thesis, research or term paper. Students who want to get better grades in academic must therefore appreciate this fact and embrace it in a scholarly way. In other words, the way a student ought to review literary should border on a resolve to unearth all the necessary instructions for doing so. Many times, students do write this section just for the sake of it, forgetting that it adds immense value to a dissertation paper. While collection of data in the field is primarily research driven and for which term paper writing tasks are usually occasioned, most of the areas students study have been looked into by scholars in earlier years. This means that a comprehensive academic paper must be fully backed by that information which exists in publications otherwise known as secondary data. Therefore, you may find it necessary to seek dissertation literature review help from your teacher, senior students on the web. Also, sometimes a look at a dissertation literature review example becomes a big necessity because it brings to your attention and in a more direct way, how this section ought to be written. Take a look below for more instructions:

Pick on an academic formatting style

While sometimes students will be restricted to use a specified formatting style or rather an academic writing styles when doing a write up, at times it is up to you to choose. Well, a great literature review is premised on phenomenal formatting so that your sources are scholarly cited and referenced.

Arrange your sources alphabetically

There is no doubt literature review is written in prose but this doesn’t mean you jumbled up things in your paper. For proper organization and easy location of sources within the text, one of the best approaches which students should apply is the alphabetical order of writing sources. In your review, sources should follow in order or A to Z. In other words, names of authors or writers whose works you will be citing in your review should appear in the order of their initials.

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